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Hmm... One word which describes it really good?

— Goldmine —

Simply as that. You will basically get anything for free. All you have to do is paying us a low percentage of the amount and we will be happy to refund your order. You can keep the item afterwards or sell it for high profit!

1) You order something from a Store in my list

2) Fill out my form

3) Wait for a reply from us

4) Pay me my percentage

5) I contact the company, complain about a problem and do my magic

6) they will refund/replace your item you ordered

7) You can keep your item and have your money back

8) = Proft

Yes, as you just read I am able to refund nearly every order.

For example you buy a Playstation 4 for $400. You pay me my percentage and I get your $400 back.

And you don't have to send the Playstation 4 back!

You can always find an updated list for the shops and limits on my thread ->

Yes we can, but they are not recommended, as there is a higher fail rate.

What I can recommend you: 2 refunds on the same item. We complete one refund for a specific item, once it's completed you go ahead and order the same item again, and we refund it.

It's basically the same process, but much easier and more secure.

No! Login is not required.

Yes, you always get a FULL refund. Even import fees are getting refunded, if you ship the item internationally.

Shipping speed does not matter nor affect the process. Feel free to choose the fastest delivery.

We can always do every store unlimmited times. There are only some small changes we have to do, which I will explain to you after the first refund.

You can always use the same address. We have customers who did over 50 refunds from the same shop on their address so far.

No. I do NOT give out my methods, nor do I teach anyone. It doesn't matter what you offer me.

Yes sure, but keep in mind there is a minimum fee for every refund.

It's not worth it refunding such cheap items. Trust me.

Your safety is our priority. We always make sure you are 100% safe, means there will be no investigations, etc.

It always depends which store.

Reships/pickups in general are not recommended and might affect the whole process.

I do not fix failed orders from other people. Only exception is Amazon.

You can open it and use it already, but always be prepared that you have to return it (for any reason).

Giving you a success rate is completely bullshit. You can find hot & recommended shops on our thread. It always depends on the order amount, account history etc. so every refunder who tells you about a success ratio is bullshitting and proves he has no experience.

Yes! All our stores work with fresh accounts. All limits are for fresh accounts. You can find the limits on our thread.

It depends on the shop. We always try to get a full refund. But it might be possible that we do a partial refund. This means we do not refund the cheapest item (usually if you buy 10+ items).

Refunding is not about the method. It's about understanding the system of a company and guiding them through their own system to issue the refund.

We know the system much better than any representative and make sure your refund goes through without any issues.

Amazon questions

We normally do not fix failed orders from other people, but we decided to make an exception for Amazon. We can easily fix your order for a small extra fee.

No. It's impossible to make a mistake. There is nothing important you need to take care of.

Just make sure to use your real address and you are good to go. I always make sure you are 100% safe.

For fresh accounts: Below 200 EUR it's instant refund. Above can take 2-3 weeks maximum!

For accounts with previous orders: Below 400 EUR it's instant refund. Above can take 2-3 weeks maximum!

The long process does not make the refund any harder. We still provide 100% success. You can return the item after 3 weeks if the refund does not work for any reason.

You can change it right here ->

This will most likely not happen. But just as an example if I fail to do so, you can simply return the product for free and get a full refund afterwards.

So you can not loose any money basically. Refunding is worth a try. Believe me. ;)

No! Signature does not matter. Feel free to sign normally.

No, there is nothing you need to take care of before ordering. Just make sure you don't use a reship or ship it to a pickup store and you are good.

Yes. Amazon.DE ships worldwide. Some specific items do not ship to your country, but you will see that in your basket. Shipping and import fees will get refunded as well.

You can never get banned for refunding. It might be possible that your accouns has been closed due to too many refunds. In this case you can simply create a new account and continue refunding.

We can technically do unlimmited refunds. We have customers with over 100 refunds on Amazon so far. I will guide you through this after 1 or 2 refunds.

Zalando questions

Refund only takes around 2 days.

Any item, just make sure it's sold by Zalando. 3rd party seller do not work. You can see that in the checkout.



Make sure to use a real address (no reship) and checkout with Paypal.

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